Emily G.


“I am not sure who coined the phrase ‘It takes a village to raise a child,’ but clearly they had Kelly and Carly in mind. I could not imagine parenting our school age children without them.
Through every phase of development, Kelly and Carly have supported both our sons. And they adapted to whatever changes and milestones were required for areas of growth for both boys. They are intelligent, kind, supportive and have empowered our children to see that each challenge can result in a successful outcome. And have done so with positive energy and a sense of humor.
They have helped nurture our sons into confident, well organized, thoughtful individuals.”

Harry G.


“Kelly and Carly have helped me become more confident in my academic abilities. They have shaped my approach to putting forth my best effort on every assignment. My writing and organization skills have become one of my strengths thanks to their guidance. Kelly emphasized how to tie together my thoughts in longer writing assignments, and Carly demonstrated how to plan for long-term projects. I utilize all the skills they have taught me in all aspects of my life. I owe them a debt of gratitude.”

Raquel H.


“Kelly is able to strike the balance of creating independence while also scaffolding when necessary. She is kind and has a keen eye for all types of learning issues. She has given both my kids creative and practical ways to enrich their writing often making it a fun experience. I am so grateful to have found such wonderful support and partnership in Kelly Hantman.”

Sybille Bruun

Parent, Learning Research Team, RCS

“Kelly Hantman has made a world of difference to our son. Working with Kelly has given him confidence in his speech and empowered him by seeing the results of their hard work in sessions. Kelly’s care, professionalism, commitment and expertise are evident in all her interactions with my son and, as a learning specialist, I have been consistently impressed by her easy manner and ability to connect with students. Based on my own experiences, I would strongly recommend Kelly Hantman to families.”

Anita S.T.


“My daughters look forward to their weekly sessions with Jen. She made the material engaging and understandable. Her devotion, commitment, and persistence are qualities which ensure children get the support they need.”

Jessica W.K.


“Kelly is on the forefront of education and speech therapy. She’s an exceptional speech therapist who always has the child’s best interest at heart. What I love most about working with Kelly is the ongoing communication she provides. Kelly is highly responsive and takes a holistic approach with her work. My son looks forward to his time with her each week. Kelly has helped my son not only to improve his language, but also his confidence.”

Gretchen E.


“When my daughter was in first grade, the school and I agreed she needed to have speech and language evaluation. The school highly recommended Kelly Hantman, M.S., CCC-SLP. Kelly was warm and understanding and instantly gave my daughter her evaluation. Shortly after, my daughter was diagnosed with a language processing disorder. In understanding the emotional piece as well as the worry about future learning, Kelly not only took the time to explain this disorder to me and my husband, but she also explained it to my daughter. My daughter felt as if someone finally understood her. Kelly immediately worked hard at placing one of her expert Speech-Language Pathologists with my daughter. Kelly and her therapists are the best in their field and gave my daughter the skill sets and confidence she needed to succeed in a fast paced, NYC private school environment.”

Lauren Levy


“Talk 2 Kelly speech practice has helped both my children grow tremendously. Kelly and Jana have always been very professional, very knowledgeable and always engaging with my children. My daughter Jordana worked with Kelly for roughly 2 years and always enjoyed their time spent together and my 6 year old son Max has been working with Jana for the past 2 years as well and always comes out of his session extremely happy. I would definitely recommend them to any family!”

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