Talk 2 Kelly is a private practice consisting of Speech-Language Pathologists, Learning Specialists and Occupational Therapists. Our Speech-Language Pathologists are experts in supporting areas of speech/articulation, expressive and receptive language, executive functioning, language processing and social language skills. Our Learning Specialists are highly skilled educators who specialize in reading remediation, including support with encoding, decoding, reading comprehension and written language skills. Learning Specialists are trained in The Wilson Reading Program as well as Orton-Gillingham based methods of reading instruction. Specific associates in the practice specialize in Mathematics as well as Science, and work with students from pre-Kindergarten through High School. Our Occupational Therapists work with children with various needs to provide positive, fun activities to improve their cognitive, physical, and motor skills and enhance their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment.

Collaboration is the key to success and with our families’ permission, we work with classroom teachers to support the individual child’s needs through curriculum-based therapy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help children 12 months through young adulthood with communication delays/disorders, academic difficulties and occupational delays/disorders reach their full potential by desensitizing them to their challenges and instilling them with confidence and trust. We are dedicated to developing children’s growth and sense of success in the unique environment in which they live and learn. We pride ourselves on collaborating with each child’s parents, caregivers, teachers, and other health practitioners to provide a holistic approach to assisting children and their families.

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What Our Clients Say

Harry G.


“Kelly and Carly have helped me become more confident in my academic abilities. They have shaped my approach to putting forth my best effort on every assignment. My writing and organization skills have become one of my strengths thanks to their guidance. Kelly emphasized how to tie together my thoughts in longer writing assignments, and Carly demonstrated how to plan for long-term projects. I utilize all the skills they have taught me in all aspects of my life. I owe them a debt of gratitude.”

Raquel H.


“Kelly is able to strike the balance of creating independence while also scaffolding when necessary. She is kind and has a keen eye for all types of learning issues. She has given both my kids creative and practical ways to enrich their writing often making it a fun experience. I am so grateful to have found such wonderful support and partnership in Kelly Hantman.”

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