Speech-Language Pathologists
Learning Specialists
Occupational Therapists

What we provide:

Screenings to determine a need for speech and language evaluations and services

Comprehensive assessments and evaluations

Evaluation conferences to discuss and answer questions with the parents and caregivers of a child who has been referred for evaluation or completed an evaluation at Talk 2 Kelly

Individual therapy based on the unique needs of each child

Group treatment programs designed to provide opportunities for the child to apply skills learned during therapy in a social context and to develop interaction skills necessary to function in school, at home, and in play environments

Consultation services available to parents, teachers, agencies, schools, and other health care professionals

Our services can help children with the following:

Expressive Language Disorders

Weak Oral Motor Skills

Receptive Language Disorders

Articulation Disorders

Word Retrieval Difficulties

Difficulty Acquiring Syntax (the rules of grammar)

Difficulty with Semantics (word meaning)

Difficulty with Morphology (changes in verb tense)

Apraxia of Speech

Auditory/Linguistic Processing Challenges

Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD)

Social/Pragmatic Language Challenges

Reading Delays (decoding texts)

Reading Comprehension Difficulties

Writing Delays

Organizational Difficulties

Phonological Awareness Delays


Fine Motor, Sensory, Visual Motor, and/or Motor Planning Difficulties

Kelly Hantman, M.S., CCC-SLP
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